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Aplikasi video bokeh menjadi sangat populer di era seperti sekarang ini. Selain karena menjadikan hasil terlihat lebih estetik cara menggunakanya pun juga sangat mudah.

Hanya berbekal smartphone kamu sudah bisa menikmati kualitas video bokeh HD. 

Kata bokeh sendiri sudah sangan familiar di dunia fotografi dan video grafi. Efek ini bisa memberikan kesan latar belakang atau backgroun menjadi blur dan kontras dengan objek utama.

Sehingga hal tersebut bisa memberikan hasil yang menarik dan profesional. Tak heran jika efek ini menjadi kegemaran anak-anak jaman now termasuk para orang dewasa.

Sayangnya tidak semua handphone dibekali dengan kamera yang mumpuni sehingga tidak bisa menggunakan fitur ini. Namun jangan khawatir, dengan aplikasi ini kamu akan bisa menikmati video bokeh terbaik kualitas HD.

Download aplikasi video bokeh HD terbaik di bawah ini untuk bisa menikmati fitur-fitur lengkapnya.

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Dengan menggunakan aplikasi satu ini kamu bisa menambahkan latar belakang blur pada video sehingga menghasilkan video yang menarik.

Selain itu aplikasi edit video satu ini juga bisa menjadikan hasil video kamu lebih soft tidak goyang-goyang dengan fitur stabilizer.

Demikian ulasan tentang aplikasi video bokeh yang sedang populer di tahun 2022 ini yang bisa menjadikan hasil editan kamu lebih estetik dan gratis tanpa biaya sepeserpun, namun jika ingin semua fitur terbuka bisa menggunakan yang premium.

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The size and depth of the forex market make it an ideal brand. Its liquidity allows traders to easily sell and buy currencies without delay. This ensures a tight range for favorable quotations. Low price, large range of different markets and flexible trading times make it the most traded market in the world. This article explains the size of the foreign exchange market and provides a better understanding of the mechanisms behind it at the macro level. Finally, it provides a solid foundation in forex trading for beginners to advanced traders.


According to a three-year report by the Bank for International Settlements in 2016, the value of foreign market capitalization averaged $ 5.1 trillion per day. This figure is lower than the previous report of 2013 of $ 5.4 trillion. There are only a few countries that make up the majority of forex trading turnover. The chart below describes large global business tables as a percentage of total average turnover.

From the trader’s point of view, large capitalization in the forex market brings less innovation, because large trades do not have a significant impact on the market price. Small markets can be affected by large institutions / traders relatively quickly, although within the forex market this effect is somewhat narrow.

The forex market consists of many important components. Banks are the most influential. The interbank market includes the largest volume of foreign exchange transactions within the monetary area. This includes trading between banks, doing business for clients and speeding up business at their individual branches. US banks control most of this market. Central banks, investment managers, hedge funds, corporations and end retailers cover the rest of the market. About 90% of this number is generated by money speculators who benefit from intraday price movements.


Traders from other markets are attracted to forex due to the extremely high level of liquidity. Liquidity is important because it allows traders to easily enter and exit positions 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week. This allows more trading volumes to enter and leave the market without a major price change in a less liquid market. This means that if you can not enter the position due to the absence of the buyer. This liquidity may vary from one trading session to another and also from one currency pair to another. As the most traded currency pairs, EUR / USD and USD / JPY account for approximately 41% of all forex trades each year. This is a remarkable percentage given the size of the overall size of the foreign exchange market. Another special fact is that most of the pairs shown in the chart below are USD crosses.

The US dollar represents 85% of the volume of forex trades. With almost 40% of trading volume, the euro is ahead of the Japanese yen in third place with almost 20%. With volumes concentrated primarily in the US dollar, euro and yen, forex traders can focus their attention on only a few major pairs. In addition, more liquidity was found in the foreign exchange market in line with long, well-defined trends that respond well to technical analysis and charting techniques.

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